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30 June 2009 @ 02:37 pm
The Chronicles of FiveDorks Chat Room chp. 14  
Title: The Chronicles of FiveDorks Chat Room 14: Its So Erotic Its Mirotic
Author: tine_cheese
Rating: PG-13-- NC-17
Length: ?
Warnings: Yaoi, No Plot, SMUT!
Genre: romance, drama-ish, comedy?, and randomness
Pairings: YunJae, YooSu, OTP5
Summary: Five new college students find how college life really is.
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14.So Erotic Its Mirotic

Phone Conversation

6/9/09 10:21 PM

JJ: *panting* Okay! We're outside!
CM: wow. Took you long enough
JJ: what? Yunho and I were doing something *pouts* If you didn't notice on the phone!
CM: Uh-yeah. Don't wanna know all the details, kay?
JJ: So where are you guys?
CM: everywhere...*sighs* we still can't find her...
JJ: *sighs* its okay Min, don't-- don't jump into any conclusions
CM: *nods* Okay hyung...I...I won't *gulps*
Did she leave any note? Anything that will give us a clue?
CM: ....nothing...when I came out of the bathroom she wasn't there...I...I...
JJ: Have you been to every place she knows here?
CM: Yes! We've checked the school grounds, the mall, the library, around the novice, all our work places-- she's nowhere!
JJ: Where did you guys go today?
CM: we...we went to school...then..then we-- we went to the udon house! The udon house!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Scenario: Changmin Looking for his Annoying, Loving, Dear Little Sister
Date: 6/9/09
Time: 10:28:31 PM
Location: Seoul Streets

Changmin: *walks in a straight pace, looking for Minkyung* Freaking little freak- making me worried sick *sighs*


Junsu: Yo. Wat up?
Changmin: What?!
Junsu: Wat. Up?
Changmin: What the hell!? I don't have time for your useless- whatever you're doing!
Junsu: Ouch. I was just trying to get the 411 on yo whereabouts but noooo~! You're all "What the hell?! I don't have tiime for yo usless- wateva! youuu do'iiiin!"
Changmin: Why are you talking like that?
Junsu: Cuz!
Changmin: Talking like that won't do you any good- at all. People will actually think you're lower than you already are *sighs and looks around for Minkyung* Do us all a favor and get back to you regular self and START HELPING ME FIND MY FREAKING SISTER!
Junsu: Dude! Chill, aiight?
Like. If I wasn't use to your melt downs I would be so mad at you right now.-- Oh. Yunho hyung's here! *smiles*
 Yunho: Junsu-ah. Let me talk to Changmin.
Junsu: Sure~ I'm sure he'll be more gentle with you! Even IF I'm OLDER than HIM he doesn't give a fu--
Yoochun: Inwhan presence, baby!

Junsu: FUDGE!
Changmin: *heaves*
Yunho: Min, listen. Its gonna be alright.
Changmin: *gulps* Hyung...I...I can't find her....*sobs*
Changmin. Come on. No man cries that easily
Changmin: *nods* Aren't you with Jaejoong?
Yunho: ....uh...we decided to take separate ways cause....he wanted more than 3 times
Changmin: Oh....well. Thanks for coming down here to help us, hyung. Really.
Yunho: Oh shut up. Do you want my advice or what?
Changmin: Sorry! Its in my system!
Yunho: *sighs* Did you go to all the places she knows where to go to?
Changmin: That's what Jaejoong said!
Yunho: Oh, he did? Well....uh...did you ask people around you?
Changmin: Yes. Countless of....rude....stupid....foreign snot noises.....freaks!
Yunho: Do you call out her name?
Changmin: No. I don't wanna seem like a weirdo
Yunho: How are you gonna find her without calling out her name?
Changmin: By using my eye balls and do what they're made for! You don't use your voice to look for Jaejoong's hole-- do you?!
Yunho: Jaejoong hol-- what the fu-
Yoochun: *sighs* Inhwan in the house! *hisses* Fucking stupid people don't even think about what they're saying with a child in sight...
Inhwan: *tugs on Yoochun's shirt* Chun hyungie! *smiles* What's fuck?

Yunho: FUDGE!? *eyes Yoochun* THIS has nothing to do with that! And don't talk about MY Jaejoongie in that manner!
Changmin: Well! You don't use your voice to find it right?! You use your eyes! Or...maybe your fingers... BUT you get what I mean!
Yunho: *sighs* I'll let you get away with talking about MY Jaejoongie in that manner because this situation is...situational...now just shout for her like its a life or death situation-- CAUSE IT IS!

Changmin: *sighs and puts his phone in his pocket* Aish....*gulps* Should...I really? *looks around* Minkyung? *sighs* I...I need to get louder than this....*bites lower lip* Minkyung! *starts running down the streets* Minkyung-ah! Minkyung! Minkyung! Where are you?! Minkyung! *gasps and sees Minkyung sitting on the sidewalk* Minkyung! *runs to her*
Minkyung: *looks up*
Chang Chang oppa?
Changmin: *hugs her tightly* Stupid. Why did you run off like that? I was worried sick about you! Do you know what mom and dad will do if I didn't find you?
Minkyung: Why would you care?! I'm a bitch after all right?! *sobs in Changmin's arms*
Minkyung...I...I'm sorry. I was just ranting out my feelings and you know I'd never really hate you
Minkyung: *hits Changmin* I just wanted to be with oppa! *sobs* I wanted to be like Injae and Yunji with their oppas caring for them! *sobs* But...but....I knew that you weren't going to let me down *sobs* so I..forced you to take me to places today *sobs* I...I just wanted to spend time with you *cries*
Changmin: *kisses her head* I'm sorry. I'm really really really sorry *looks at her and caresses her cheek* You know how oppa gets when everything's all hectic right?
Minkyung: *pouts* You're always like this
Changmin: *chuckles* Yeah...I am....but you forgive oppa now right?
Minkyung: *wipes her tears* No!
Changmin: Fine! We'll have that bonding day thing tomorrow
Minkyung: *smiles* Really?!
Changmin: *nods and sighs* really...if you want it that much
Minkyung: *hugs him* Oh! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! *laughs* I forgive you now *kisses his cheek* I knew oppa loves me! *giggles*
Changmin: *sighs*
So! Did you plan on just staying here until someone snatches you?
Minkyung: No...
Changmin: *sits next to her*
Minkyung: I just wanted to take a walk and get all my emotions out....then I forgot how to go back...I didn't have my phone and I asked people but they wouldn't get me to where I wanted to go-- they were all like, "That's where that Kim Jaejoong lives! Aigoo!" And then walk away *pouts*
Changmin: *pats her back*
Its okay, at least you're safe now *hugs her* with me as your savoir *grins*
yeah....*rolls her eyes*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

FiveDork Chat Room

6/9/09 10:59:15 PM

Icandance has logged on.

JJ_shock: Yunnie!
Icandance: hey, baby :]
JJ_shock: :) hi~
Icandance: how's the search?
JJ_shock: oh! Minnie found Mini minnie already. :D
Icandance: Great! That's a relief!
JJ_shock: He found her at the restaurant they went to today
Icandance: ohh...
JJ_shock: yup
Icandance: so....are you still in the mood??
JJ_shock: you still want to? ;]
Icandance: well...if you want to
JJ_shock: k. but I want u to top ;D
Icandance: alrighties then
JJ_shock: meet me at home?
Icandance: no wait...
JJ_shock: hmm?
Icandance: Injae and Yunji
JJ_shock: they're sleeping over at Yoosu's :)
Icandance: really?
JJ_shock: yup! When I told them we needed alone time for the night they quickly responded to it
Icandance: -_-" those two are perverts, just to let you know
JJ_shock: lol. cute perverts. They're just curious, baby :]
Icandance: yeah...but Yunji always asks me the weirdest questions about us these days
JJ_shock: you're not alone...Injae asks me if we use condoms
Icandance: really?
JJ_shock: yeah...but know that I think of it...
JJ_shock: should we? I mean...we can't get pregnant so what's a condom for...?
JJ_shock: rite?
Icandance: I forgot...I told the doc that you and I are gay
JJ_shock: you did?
Icandance: uh-huh. And he asked if we use condoms
JJ_shock: yes?
Icandance: I said no
JJ_shock: and?
Icandance: he said we're lucky
JJ_shock: why?
Icandance: well! because of your hawt, sexy ass I forgot about the risks of having anal sex
JJ_shock: ....oh yeah....I took like 2 years on that and I forget?!?! ( _ _")
Icandance: I'll stop by the drug store then. :]
JJ_shock: okay~
Icandance: then we can get down to business. hehehehehe
JJ_shock: and you call your little sister a pervert! aya~
Icandance: ^3^ i lub wuu~ muah!
JJ_shock: ^////^
Icandance: even virtually you're too cute jaejoongie~~
JJ_shock: hehe. now go go go! I can't wait that long~
Icandance: okay! see you soon, my love! ^3^

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Phone Conversation

11:23 PM

Yunho and Jaejoong

YH: baby?
JJ: yes?
YH: strawberry, banana, or chocolate?
JJ: huh?
YH: condom flavor
JJ: eh?
YH: what flavor do you want?
JJ: for the condom?
YH: yeah. Did you want a vibrator too?
JJ: what kind of drug store are you in?!
YH: well I saw this erotic store right next to it
JJ: yunnie!
YH: I'll just get all of them
JJ: wah?!
YH: let's just try them all, kay?
JJ: fine
YH: for the vibrator- they have rabbit vibrator, steel bullet, g-spot vibrator, different shaped vibrators.Which one would you like, honey?
JJ: ....
YH: Jae baby?
JJ: you want me to pick what TYPE of VIBRATOR?! Yunho!
YH: what? I thought it would be a good idea
JJ: why would you think that?
YH: you always tell me to get deeper and faster and sometimes! As much as i love you--and I LOVE you. Like a whole lot.... I get really tired
JJ: yunnie~
YH: sometimes....I think one day you'll get tired of me
JJ: Yunnie! You! How can you think I would ever get tired of you?!
YH: well! you keep wanting me to do this and that! I just...I don't satisfy you on my own!
JJ: *sighs* Yunho, I promise you. I will never ever leave you because of that, okay? You're never going to make me get bored of you
YH: really?
JJ: Yeah. I mean...you're huge and long...and how you thrust inside of me...*gulps*....and before I masturbate! Just get here, already okay?
YH: *smiles* Okay
JJ: Alright then
YH: I'll just get the rabbit one
JJ: *sighs*
YH: We'll show them that if they call us bunnies! we'll be bunnies! RABBITS!
JJ: Aigoo Yunho-yah. Fine, get whatever sex toy you want. Just get here as soon as possible okay? I have...something for you
YH: Really? Okay. Okay.
JJ: I've been reading lots of mangas lately
YH: OK! Stop teasing me! I'll get there R.A.I.B.T.S.T!
JJ: what's R.A.I.B.T.S.T?
YH: Right After I Buy These Sex Toys *grins*
JJ: *sighs*
Bye, love you
YH: *smiles* love you too! *giggles*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To: Jaejoong Hyung<”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay?
Sent on
May 10, 2009 7:52 PM

Sorry I couldn't have lunch with you guys today. ^^; I had some stuff to take care of. You okay? I saw you limping a little today...did the "tamer" tame you too well? XD I heard from Kangin he was freaking out last night cause he constantly heard you screaming for "More! Yunho! Give ME MORE!"

I'm beginning to think you're the undercover seme. You control hyung, don't you? I knew it! Anyways! I finished my draft on my English paper~ Mind proof reading it and stuff? I'm on a tight schedule because we're having a Summer talent show and I'm in charge soo....you guys won't be able to see me for a few weeks or so. :D

Attached the file on the email~ Thanks hyung!


- - - -

Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
From: Jaejoong Hyung <”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay? (Reply)
Sent on:
May 10, 2009 7:58 PM


I saw you giggling, eating with Taeyeon! How dare you cheat on Junsu?! DUDE. OH NO YOU DIDN'T. And its none of your business if my "tamer" tamed me too well. Its for me to know and feel AND FOR YOU TO NEVER KNOW! AND NEVER FEEL! I gave Kangin a plate of cookies and an explanation so there's nothing to worry about any more. :]

I'll do your draft for you btw! :D



He can reach higher notes than Taeyeon. I hope you know that.


I've always been the seme. :p

- - - -

To: Jaejoong Hyung<”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay? (Reply)
Sent on
May 10, 2009 8:08 PM

For your right information, Taeyeon's the co-manager. We had to talk over basic planning and organization.

I'd never cheat on my baby! How dare you accuse me of such actions! gasps! DUDE. OH NO YOU DIDN'T. Besides, of course I know Junsu's way better than Taeyeon-- I mean, he's got the joy stick and the holy hole. :D Which I both love.

Thanks for drafting, hyungie! ^3^

Yunho told me how it all went down. Xp HAHAHAHAHAHA IN YOUR PRETTY LOOKING FACE!

So you've got this thing with nothing but an apron on huh? hehehehehehe.


- - - -

To: Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
From: Jaejoong Hyung <”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay? (Reply)
Sent on:
May 10, 2009 8:16 PM

WHAT?! YUNHO TOLD YOU?! That boy will get it tonight! }:[

I-- I can't believe he would!


Its seems like she's always the co in whatever you do. She's the co-teacher in your piano classes.The co-manager at your job.The co-leader of your poem club.She's even the co-co-assistant with your community services! And you know what else? YOU'RE ALWAYS THE MANAGER!

And now she's the co-manager of that Summer Talent Show?! Doesn't that tell you something? A hint? Maybe she likes you? A HINT that maybe you like her too?!?!?!? I am so telling Junsu if its true!!!! ;p


So you've got this thing with cat ears and tail vibrators, eh? HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


- - - -

To: Jaejoong Hyung<”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay? (Reply)
Sent on
May 10, 2009 8:29 PM

Of COURSE Yunho told me. He's my bestest buddie. :D Well...MAN bud that is. >:) that's right KIM. I called you UNMANLY! X3

Oh yeah. Its virtual. You GOT NOTHIN ON ME! WHA!

Taeyeon's nice. :D I'm not cheating on Junsu okay? We just happen to like the same hobbies. There's nothing wrong with that unless we kiss, hug, and have sex. We're not doing any of that, okay? We're not even that close anyway. So don't go telling people I cheated on Junsu because I didn't!


You have a problem with that?

....but in case you don't and you decided you wanted to tell other people...don't okay?

My musical reputation will be ruined if people found out I'm an ubber pervert when it comes to sex and Junsu...and Junsu's dick...and Junsu's ass. I won't tell anyone about your nothing on but an apron dealio if you don't tell mine. :D

Its SO Erotic! its Mirotic! X3

I got chuuuuu unda my skin~



I'll do your laundry for a month as a bonus. 0-:) that's an angel with a halo which represents me. :]

- - - -

 To: Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
From: Jaejoong Hyung <”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay? (Reply)
Sent on:
May 10, 2009 8:35 PM

Ubber pevert? Who uses ubber anymore? DUDE. You're a pervert when it comes to everything.

But whatever. I don't wanna tell other people's sex lives anyway. So you don't have to do my laundry-- or my Yunnie's for that matter cause that job is MINE!

No one and I mean no will ever wash Yunnie's underwears except me! you got that?!?!

I checked your "English Paper" and its about Japanese hentai. What the hell?

Are you trying to get expelled from the school?



You're a pervert. Don't be in denial. Its just your ideal. :D 

- - - -

To: Jaejoong Hyung<”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay? (Reply)
Sent on
May 10, 2009 8:38 PM

Its just the title, alright? The teacher wants a subject that changes the world internationally...was that redundent? So I chose hentai! :D

I mean, without it us men wouldn't survive. Seriously.

Without good ol' fashioned manga porn we'd be sex-deprived. And worse...we'd be masturbation-deprived. 

0_0 who can live a life like that?

And your underwears of Yunho's are safe. I wouldn't wanna touch those sperm-filled-stained tighty whities anyways!

You spermed-filled them, you clean them! That's my motto. :)


- - - -

 To: Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
From: Jaejoong Hyung <”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay? (Reply)
Sent on:
May 10, 2009 8:47 PM

All you think about is sex and masturbation. I thought you wouldn't need to masturbate since you've got Junsu. I guess you're just a really big boy, aren't you? You sick, nasty boy... tsk tsk tsk.

Now, why would you talk about my underwear?

You wanna clean them?

I think Jaejoong would be very jealous...but if you really want to Chunnie...i'm all up's for it. ;p



Jaejoong's in the bathroom so I checked up on what he was doing other than research. :D hehe.

- - - -

 To: Our Lovely Yoochun <”Dandyboi@hotmail.com”>
From: Jaejoong Hyung <”KimJJhey@hotmail.com”>
Subject: You Okay? (Reply)
Sent on:
May 10, 2009 8:54 PM

Ew. Are you trying to flirt with me?


What's gotten into you, man?!?!? You're all....like that!

Tell Jaejoong hyung that I need my draft by the end of the week, kay?




I have Junsu cleaning my underwear for me already~ :]


Program: Microsoft Journal [have no idea if that's a real program]
Location: At home, in bed with Yunho sleeping on my shoulder. >_< so cute~
Date: 6/10/09
Time: 10:23 PM

I'm too tired to log onto my cyworld so I'll just type on my journal. :] A lot's been going on here. Injae and Yunji are staying with us for a week and its half of the week already...we'll do something for just the four of us one of these days. ^^ I can't help but feel like a real family with the four of us living in our little apartment.

Yunho and I are sharing my bed while Yunji and Injae are sleeping on Yunho's...they're cute and very supportive of Yunho and I...I'm grateful of that. Yesterday! Minkyung ran away and Changmin was all worried. I heard from him today and said that he actually had fun with her. That boy really needs more time with his little sis. She's nice and very sweet. I don't know why he always complains about her.

And last night...when Yunho came back from the drug store and the erotic store right next to it, he had a bag of "goodies" for us to try out. >_< He had this huge grin on his face. That cute pervert. He said he wanted to do it all night long and I was okay with that...I mean, Injae and Yunji weren't going to be here for the night and it'll be days after Yunho and I can have a private time together, so I was all up's for anything he wanted.

But then he revealed all of the "goodies" in the bag on the bed and took like 15 minutes to explain each and every single item he bought.

Here's the "goodie" list:

-Strawberry Flavored Condoms
 For protection and taste! I liked it...^^;
-Banana Flavored Condoms
 I couldn't help but imagine Yunho being a banana when I was using this one...X3
-Chocolate Flavored Condoms
 I didn't get to taste this one but Yunho looked so pleased with it...he was sucking so hard for a long time...>_<
-Rabbit Vibrator
 I insisted on using this on him first and he wanted it more than I did. X3 I like him better than plastic...whatever that
 vibrator is made of.

-Anus plugs
 God these things hurt. Yunho took it out right away. ^////^ he cares so much! He was panting and he had this worried expression  on his face then he asked, "Jaejoong-ah, I'm sorry. I'm so so so so sorry! Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot? I promise I won't use  this anymore" he was cupping my face and he looked so cute rambling like that!! aaahh...what did I do to deserve such a  pervert perfect lover?
-Glass giglio
 It looks so colorful...Xd and it was soo cold. from then on, i decided I can only be at my highest pleasure is when Yunho's inside me....>//////< embarassing but true...
- Nipple clamps
 I tried this on yunnie~ X3 actually we both took turns. It hurt and felt good at the same time. X3 Yunho actually said, "Ahh..Jae...hurt me so gooood~" X3 eeeekk!
-Suction device
 This felt goooood. oh my gosh...X3 I mean....I felt it all. Yunho put it on both of my nipples sucking so well, Yunho was deep inside me, his hand was pumping me, and on top of that! We were making out. X3 sooo hawt....ughh...makes me want to do it again! >_< I feel so perverted.
-Anal Berries
 He put it the first thing when he was preparing me....then when it was inside, he told me if they burst {which uh..DUH they will} it was going to make my hole itch, thus getting me hornier. Which it did. Gaah...was it itchy! I didn't even know there were such berries! ....oi. Researched them...they're artificial. XD but whatever!
-Prostate toy
 Its basically the same thing as a vibrator but it has a bump at the end and its longer...I didn't want to use it but Yunho made me! >___<

He bought a lot. To cut it short. We did it like a bunch of times....Xp I still feel tired.

Oh. He bought fluffy hand cuffs too....we didn't use them though. ^^;

But what made me laugh is this morning, Yunho woke up and started whining. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Jaejoongie...wa wa! My hole hurts!" he was acting like a baby then he sucked on my nipple. X3 awkward but cute.....hehe... he's so naughty....gah! This journal must be locked at all times. I can't let anyone see this entry...its so...dirty. I just wrote...or typed everything down becausing I was consoling myself!

Oh and what was really really really really 10000000000x cute was when I surprized Yunnie. ^^; Even though it was late, I wanted a snack so I went on with my own plan. See, I've been reading lots of yaoi mangas....done by Minami Haruka. She has this thing with having her uke wear only an apron on when they're about to do it or when the uke is planning to....it turned me on....so I wanted to try it with Yunho. ^^

So I wore the black apron he got me for my 23rd birthday last year then I made myself a banana split with yummy strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top~ Of course the base was a banana! anyways! When I heard the door being open, I grabbed my banana split and prepared a sexy pose on the wall by the door for my Yunnie to see. Hehehehehe.

When he looked at me, he dropped that "goodie" bag and was speechless! His face was like: 0_o


Then he said, "Jaejoong? Wh...why are you dressed li--like that?"

Then I said, "It was hot so I made a banana split!" I smiled, "Wanna share it?" then I purposely hugged him, rubbing our bodies together to make that sizzling friction come to life once more! He nodded and I took a spoonful of it inside my mouth and his eyes were following my slow movements.... then I took another spoonful and fed him, his face was so cute! He looked so hipnotized~

Then we moved to the couch! He turned on the TV so there would be noise~ kekekekeke... then! I sat on his lap and still had that sexy smile on my face.

Me: Yunnie! Want me to feed you?
Yunnie: Sure aahh *he opens his mouth*
Me: Okay~ *put the spoonful of icecream inside my mouth and kissed him*


He liked it~ he was sucking my tongue and everything! so hawt. I placed the banana split on the coffee table before it landed somewhere I didn't want it to land just yet. He broke our hawt kiss and pushed me down on the sofa.

Yunnie: What's with the sexy apron, Jaejoongie? *kisses me again*
Me: I thought it would be something out of the ordinary *wink* you like it?
Yunnie: *kisses me again* Me love you.

I blushed when he said that~~~ He loves me....gaaahhh! Makes me all weak in the knees!

After that one round, our ice cream was finished. {he dumped the ice cream and banana all over me and licked it all...} He carried me to bed and discussed all of the things he got...which kinda turned me off cause I waited for more than ten minutes. But it was good that he told me what the things he bought do....I mean....for reference. ^^

So...we did it all night long just as he requested!

It was nice! I'm {my butt} getting use to our constant love makings~

I hope that we'd still be this close and loving years after....that would be really nice. :)

When we woke up, Injae and Yunji were looking at us with a huge grin on their faces. To their content, they saw us naked, hugging each other in bed. Those two are perverts after all. X3 they're related to us. haha.

Ah...its 12:03

Better sleep!

Good night~ journal!

And let it be here that I'll make my promise to our relationship.

I promise that I won't let anything slip pass us and I promise to myself, Yunho, us- that I won't give up easily. *virutally signs it* And I will promise that in my heart too! ^3^ I just love Yunho so much...now that we're together...I can't picture us being apart. Or anything other than what we are right now- lovers.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Phone Conversation

6/12/09 4:36 PM

Changmin& Injae
*Jaejoong Overhears

IJ: Changmin oppa
CM: Oh, hey Injae
IJ: ...I uh...got the stuff
CM: you did?
JJ: What stuff?
IJ: yeah...
CM: since when?
IJ: ...the minute I arrived? I made them at home when my appa and my umma weren't home
CM: No way! Oh man...*grins* thanks Injae!
IJ: no problem! Just...just make sure Jaejoong oppa doesn't know
JJ: what? Why shouldn't I know?!
CM: why?
IJ: He'll get really mad
JJ: *gasps*
CM: oh yeah...sorry
IJ: Its no problem...I like you anyway *smiles*
CM: how many did you make?
IJ: A lot...I lost count after ten...I was tired and sweaty...*sighs* it was a lot of work
JJ: Is it...possible?! ....omo
CM: thanks Injae...I know you don't do this for just anyone
IJ: ...I don't do it for anyone but Changmin oppa...
CM: ...you don't?
IJ: uh-uh...so...I hope you like it
CM: Oh, don't worry. I will!
IJ: Ah-- Jaejoong oppa's coming. Gotta go! Bye~
CM: Bye! Thanks again!
IJ: Uh-huh!



I was suppose to update days ago...but yaoi mangas are so addicting....X3 yaoi love overdose. Xp This chapter's short...in terms of time, eh? Next chapter's the last of Injae, Yunji, and Inwhan, and Yoosu's bro's who...sadly aren't included as much. ^^; sorry. And I just saw a live performance of SNSD's Genie- whatever the song is called....Taeyeon's...adlibs....and the sexy dance poses...she's trying too hard...^^; I think. But the song's slowly getting addictive....soon...enough. ^^; Way Back into Love with the Suju dudes are pretty though!!! ^^ And YunJae....you know! I just thought of this!

You know how....Jaejoong and Yunho have been....more touchy with Junsu instead of...each other? Well...I watched Tokyo Friends or something...the show where they did all these games? that one. X3 i feel stupid not knowing the names right now. Xd anyways! They were doing the 1st attraction and Junsu didn't get to do it because of his injury...so...I was thinking...maybe it was their way of consoling the other member...by giving him more attention and touches and stuff....in a way....I think....X3

whatever it is! Even if I'm not right....I'll believe this theory. :D

Did'ya like it???
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you're welcome! ^^
loveyunjaegapo24 on July 1st, 2009 12:56 am (UTC)
i really love ur fic!! make me laugh all da times!! finaly Minnie is nice to his lil sis now!! YunJae really horny to da max!! heX3! Me too i got addicted in yaoi mangas! have u see Junjou Romantica is really nice thou! is not much Smut but is really funny and romantic!
tine_cheese (Christine genna)tine_cheese on July 1st, 2009 03:57 am (UTC)
:D thanks~ I've seen junjou romantica! very very cute! ^^ kinda...I mean, I felt that the uke was being forced...but whatever! X3 i liked it. :D
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tine_cheese (Christine genna)tine_cheese on July 1st, 2009 03:59 am (UTC)
They're sex toy addicts-- well Yunho is. X3 Changmin's never gonna treat his little sis like that again. :D I'm sure. ^_^ thanks for commenting!!!
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I wonder what Injae made! >;3
update soon :3
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:D heee. I'm happy you thought that was funny~ I was beginning to think my humor's getting dry....T.T Injae....made something Jaejoong will not like...XD My fic is addicting???? thank you!! ^_^ that's a good thing right? X3 lol.
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UPDATE SOON and loved the pervyness >:D it's all 'bout the smex hahah xD
and recommend me some nice steamy hot jizzing yaoi mangas please >:D unf... xD
tine_cheese (Christine genna)tine_cheese on July 1st, 2009 04:06 am (UTC)
thank you~ :D YunJae naked is any girl's dream. *-* XD lol. I'll update with more pervyness! Xd if it fits in with the situation. X3 Oh oh oh!!! I got lots~ hehehehehe....one of these days, maybe I'll post an entry on yaoi manga recommendations. X3 The first recommendation I've been recommending to everyone is!!! Sensitive Pornograph. there's a manga and anime with sizzling smex~~ The uke-- both reminds me of Jaejoongie. X3
http://www.mangafox.com/manga/sensitive_pornograph/ - manga
http://www.mafiarose.com/2007/04/sensitive-pornograph-les-petits-bonshommes-du-samedi-matin/ - anime

:D tell me if you want another series~ got lots of oneshots mainly about smex.
mimz_songmimz_song on July 1st, 2009 04:26 pm (UTC)
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tine_cheese (Christine genna)tine_cheese on July 1st, 2009 04:44 pm (UTC)
:D sure!!
I'm glad you liked it. X3 hheeeeee~

these are all adult material so not work-safe, school-safe, kid-safe. ^^



this totally reminds me of Jaejoong!




if you want any more! just tell me! ^^

happy readings~ oi! tell me if you're into shotacon. Got lots of links...^^;
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:D thank you~ You read Minami Haruka to??? Happy to know! :D I mostly got all my...smutty ideas from her. XD Sure you can add me~ ^^v
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Minnie made me laugh so hard! And those emails between Jaejoong and Chunnie, omgosofreakingfunnyialmostlostit


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:d hehehe. I'm glad you liked it. :D thankyou~
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:D thank you! ^^ chapter 13 has smutty action...so had to lock it! sure~ we can add each other~ ^^
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:D thank you!!! YunJae love is very mutual. :D I feel happy that you read all of my chapters in just one day...and then this one another. XD thank you!
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:D thank you~ I have a Five Dorks stalker. XD cool! LOL. Well, you should put any liquids away from a computer...cause...I made that one mistake long ago and I regret it...my laptop doesn't work anymore. T.T glad yours is safe! X3 I'm glad you found that part funny. ^^; I honestly didn't think it was going to be effective enough. XD Your PA made me lol. XD Your bf's in London? Waa! That's cool! ^^ Thank you! for reading and giving me all this support! :D kudos to everyone~~~ ^_^
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I wonder what's the Changmin-Injae conversation about. I am suspecting that it's not what Jaejoong is thinking but something to do with food...teehee...

I hope Yoochun is right and there's relly nothing between him and Taeyeon. TBH, I kinda agree with Jaejoong that Taeyeon might like Yoochun....

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:D Minnie and mini Minnie are cool. :D YunJae just love each other. And they're trying to make up for all those years. XD I think everyone wants to see Yunjae nakie~ Just shows how...pervy we all are. XD Gah! you got it again! both of them! X3 you're gooooood~ ^____^
★locofruitcake on July 1st, 2009 04:09 am (UTC)
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I like how they switch being seme/uke.
Less stereotypical :D

MAN. So much fluff. ♥♥♥
tine_cheese (Christine genna)tine_cheese on July 1st, 2009 04:01 pm (UTC)
:D rabbits on the loose. XD That wasn't funny. -_-" I prefer them switching cause... I don't like how most of the yunjae fan fics have Jaejoongie being uke all the time when we all know! that he's got muscles for being seme. XD Thanks for commenting! I love your icon by the way~~~~ so much yoosu love!
★locofruitcake on July 1st, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
Heck yes. Seme-jae is hawt XD
I love the icon too! The person who made it is genius (well, to the yoosu fans like moi i guess XD)
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:D yeah~ does that mean I'm a fast updater?!?!?! WHA! I didn't know that....but if it just means I'm an okay updater...*sighs* its okay! I'm happy that you read any of my works really! :D everyone's got their own thing. :D We all share that YunJae thing. ^^
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tine_cheese (Christine genna)tine_cheese on July 1st, 2009 04:05 pm (UTC)
XD....I've been noticing that its all they did for ....some chapters now. XD Jaejoong's a fast learner. X3 AHHH! You got the Inwhan thing??!?!? you did??!?!?!? :D *hugglesyouandinwhan* you got it!!!! TT>TT I thought no was going to. XD thank you for commenting! :D
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and what's up with Yoochun-Taeyeon..ugh..but I was hoping to see a jealous Su later on! *ebil ebil me*

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:D Minnie has his different sides. ^_^ Yoochun and taeyeon issue will be explained further~ and do not worry! there will be some "I'm getting my Chun back!" action from su. ^^ Jaejoong always cute!!! ^^ thanks for commenting! :D
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OMG!!! hahaha I dunno that you're also minami haruka's fans... and you actually listed out all the toys and their usage here.... and how yunjae used it!!! IT'S PWNS!!! hahahaha...

and it will be 100times hotter if somehow there are artworks for this... sigh it's a pity that I can't draw. hahaha

(and I dunno there are that many sex toys... esp the berry... never even heard of it before. did you actually research this??? ahah)
tine_cheese (Christine genna)tine_cheese on July 1st, 2009 04:12 pm (UTC)
waaahhhh! I love your cute icon!!! XD I'm a Minami Haruka fan since...last week. XD Yep! I listed them all! XD ...I wikied and....and...almost barfed cause...cause they have actual pictures of penises ....XP I died. XD

I just picture Yunho and Jaejoong in the managa and voila! Yunjae. XD in my head. most of the time, the uke always reminds me of Jaejoong anyway. XD The berry thing! Well...I didn't actually research it...^^; I got it from Minami Haruka! She did this oneshot called "Little Rabbit Riding Hood" if you're not into shotacon don't read it. ^^; kinda disturbing...but I got over it! XD The wolf put those berries inside The cute rabbit! XD....yeah....XD
thanks for commenting! X3
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i'm sad that inhwan and yoohwan didn't come out too much... they're so cute! well... at least inhwan is. i don't know too much about yoochun's lil bro. :\
as much as i love yoosu... i have to say, more (touchy) interactions with jaejoong and su are welcome in my book XD
tine_cheese (Christine genna)tine_cheese on July 1st, 2009 04:13 pm (UTC)
they are. XD very addicting! you like Jaesu??? have you read my only oneshot of them? XD but anyways! thanks for commenting!! ^^
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i like this chapter. a little drama, a little crack & fluff & ended with suspense. LOL wonder if Jae will kill Minnie before he finds out the truth?
Nihonjin.Tensai;;Anjaela♥: JaePrivednihonjin_tensai on November 14th, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
homg. I loved this so much ♥♥♥

Jaejoong's journal. *cracks up and dies*


SNSD's Genie is super addictive xDDDD I never thought of liking that song. at all. lol xD

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